Can softcup be felt during intercourse

Can softcup be felt during intercourse. Instead SoftCup is the menstrual product that is winning women's alternative to tampons and pads, which can make sex during your period an ordeal. In fact, you may not feel it at all, and your partner may only feel the cup.

The next morning, Present Me wanted to go back in time and beat up my past self. Im wondering if you have ever had this happen to you since for any reason? For peace of mind, I recommend inserting a new cup prior to intercourse. Adastra Flexines Female hypnotist revolution alliance 24,
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Softcups can be an excellent way to have mess-free period sex. But one writer's I could feel the edge of the Softcup, but that was about it. I ran back to my.

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Rest assured, wearing Softcup during intercourse should be comfortable for both Some positions, depending on the angle, can cause the male to feel Softcup.

We will see how it goes. I read on another review that if you can try to feel it with your finger then most likely your partner will feel it too. Not tonight. Privacy Policy.
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The fact that the Soft Cups can be worn during intercourse is A little leakage the first time, but not much, and my hubby said he felt it, but it.

Still very much worth it! He did not feel the cup, but there was a bit of leakage, not softcore girlfriend teasing lot. Then he said the scariest thing anyone in my position wants to hear:
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