Candy cane rumble roses

Candy cane rumble roses. Candy Cane is a playable character in both the original Rumble Roses in and the sequel Rumble Roses XX in When entering, her name is followed .

And a longer black glove on the left that comes up to cover her forearm, with a metal-studded bracelet on her wrist. She wears large red leather belt around her waist, with metal studs and grommets.
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The Locker room Interview for Candy Cane taken from the PS2 version of Rumble Roses with the wrestler dressed in her original Clothing.

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A character who appears in the Rumble Roses franchise of video games.

Alternate forms of each character are unlocked through the Vow System. Young sexy girls naked Makoto says "Hope you don't mind a crazy friend? It is possible with hacking to replace preset characters with them, but they will retain all of the attributes, moves, etc. Candy wears a choker around her neck, with a heart-shaped locket hanging from it.
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Rumble Roses (ランブルローズ) is a professional wrestling fighting game that was developed by Three of them, however (Bloody Shadow, Candy Cane, and Evil Rose), start as the heel or evil side. Alternate forms of each character are.

Archived from the original on 5 July She will often try to hog the spotlight, making a scene or causing a disturbance.
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