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Carol leifer boobs. Carol Leifer's take-off on a Breast Implant Rejuvenation Center.

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@carolleifer you were the first stand up comedian I ever saw on TV and that always . @carolleifer one time you grabbed your own boobs and said yeah, i got a.

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At Mardi Gras, if you only show side boob you only get bracelets. Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County. Artist. Carol Leifer. Artist. Margaret Cho. Comedian.

You have to log in a lot of stage time as a comedian to get good. Photo from CBS Moving on! So for this very special holiday that happens every year, we wanted to get in the spirit with some of both. What Unites Us.
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Comedian and comedy writer Carol Leifer has been making people as I didn't like being marginalized just because I had a pair of boobs.

An error has occured. Sign Up. Nominations in the theatrical and documentary categories will. That, and letting things roll off your back.
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