Composite eros conjunct composite vertex

Composite eros conjunct composite vertex. This is my relationship composite chart. I'm wondering what any of you think of the vertex conjunct Eros in the 7th house suggests. or any.

They may dramatize the day-to-day stresses they face together. Indicates karmic kayslee collins dick which may take more than one lifetime to learn, or that certain tests will become lessons which they need to relearn.
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Maja on April 12, at am said: Hi Satori In me and my special-one's composite chart, our north node conjunct antivertex and eros in 2.

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Composite Cancer personal planets * Composite AC/Sun in Libra * Venus Sextile/Trine/conjunct Saturn * Venus conjunct vertex.

Does this then mean that the relationship is nude houswives fated? Composite Eros square composite Moon You have difficulty combining the power of dont do dating great Love with how comfortable you feel. Your relationship is touched and shaped deeply by this erotic connection. Your ideas and conversations flow smoothly as you are touched and shaped deeply by this erotic connection. Neither party means to promise more than he or she can deliver, but they may be guilty of trying to fill the shoes of the ideal image that has been set up for them, and tip-toeing around hard cold facts or commitments.
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Composite Eros conjunct composite Sun. This is a great Love, the purpose of being together! You are touched deeply by this erotic connection.

The heavy Pluto energy scares me…. This is crazy. It was just mind blowing and very intense and hard to just be and breathe.
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