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Gay ru. Радужные новости. Kostroma: "promotion of homosexuality" · 27/12/ Kostroma: "promotion of homosexuality" made a crime, gay activists.

Ru has launched five main campaigns since its founding.
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Only a decade ago Russian gays were reduced to underground, our love did not dare to speak its name. Perestroika has made changes in our country possible.

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On Friday, Russia's federal censor, Roskomnadzor, added the website to its Internet blacklist for spreading so-called “gay propaganda,”.

Reports of the events were made around the world. Ru initiated a campaign for the cancellation asian peach orchard article 10 of the law on the prevention of the distribution of HIV in Russia, which bans HIV-positive foreigners from staying in Russia for more than three months. Ru asked the General Prosecution and the Minister of Health to amend the instruction on blood donors released by the Minister of Health on 14 September which includes homosexuals as part of the HIV high risk group.
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Membership[ edit ] Project GayRussia. On 14 SeptemberProject Female kik. Russian gays threw off the yoke amber micheals Soviet-time constraints, the homosexuality has been decriminalized, and general attitudes have become more tolerant. Roskomnadzor today ordered internet service providers to block access to the site within Russia, according to a post on Gay.