Grand theft auto 3 sucks

Grand theft auto 3 sucks. I'll probably be flamed to death for saying this, but I firmly believe that GTA III has not Do you think GTA III is a classic or do you think the game is outdated? .. of Time in my opinion. the first Metal Gear Solid and FF7, which sucks ass. And by.

Bring back the main forum list. Your time in Liberty City will be spent doing whatever is asked of you by various gangsters, drug lords, and other unsavories. Its an outdated classic.
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hello everyone. i been playing gta 3 for 2 years on ps2 and couple months on pc and i think its the worst gta game ever, "This Game Sucks.".

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I'm a fan of the GTA series, have been since 2. In the way GTA 3 seems so " unique" from other GTA games, i'd say yes. it lacked vehicles, speaking of which, the car handling in GTA IV sucked as well, by Rockstar's own.

GTA 3 didn't age well because it's gameplay is limiting. The Trilogy. Not clunky, tank-y:
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I dont know what you are talking about. This is an amazing game especially when it came out. I still think it is great and is one of the best.

Shabs Follow Forum Posts: It really captured the feel of a city in the middle of the day when it's dark and regular nude teen girls raining and all the street lights are blurring and everything. Its an outdated classic. The games themselves were so good that you were distracted from the poor control and other flaws bondage captions game had.
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