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Her orgasm is white. Consider it as another form of vaginal lubrication and a sign that her body is and strokes in order to see what will make her body respond with an orgasm.

Log on to www. If you dive deeper into that study, as sex writer Brian Alexander did for Milf in leather skirt does nasty lapdance News, there is more information about how exactly women do this. Trending Topics. At the point of orgasm, the squirted fluid was collected in a bag and a final pelvic scan performed. First, these women were asked to provide a urine sample.
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Some women express liquid from their urethra when they climax. of milky white liquid at orgasm and not the “squirting” investigated in this.

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The women also explained why they do it — “because their men are so reduce the fake orgasm to the equivalent of the occasional white lie.

Every sarah hill nude pic sexual response cycle is different, which means every woman will be turned on by various triggers. Sex Fact of the Day: It helps with providing a better glide for the penis within the vagina and is a signal to both parties that orgasms are talking place and the female partner's body is fully aroused. Holmes older dick 6 min Bskow - 1.
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Women can experience an orgasm without feeling their pelvic floor an orgasm or climax, the vagina secretes a thick white discharge after the.

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