How do i get my yorkie to stop peeing everywhere

How do i get my yorkie to stop peeing everywhere. I've had my yorkie for almost 4 years and he's never been fixed. he doesn't want to sit and sleep he wants to run everywhere and pee!.

It is like being parents of a new born! And to the person who said to rub their noses in it - seriously? Yorkies have the natural instinct to keep their personal space clean and that is why you will not see them peeing or pooping in their bed. Youve got to confine her with the pad untill she gets the idea thats where she needs girls from greenwood indiana naked and fucked go. After all, who wants a dog that's not potty trained?
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Yorkshire terriers are intelligent, active dogs well suited for small apartments, life on the farm and any environment in between. Unfortunately, Yorkies are difficult.

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Reasons why a Yorkie will mark with urine in the house, how to stop peeing Intact Yorkies marking all over the house – Mating urges, improper hierarchy.

We also keep him in a dog cage in the room to sleep in. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. It's a wonder they haven't killed you yet.
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He will go outside, pee and then come in on his own time schedule, and poop and/or pee in the house. If left alone he will wander upstairs and potty on my rug.

Our 8 month old is getting the hang girlfriends masterbating going outside so we are good during the kelly upskirt. I kennel him when I'm not home and still praise him when he goes outside, which is very often almost every 2 hours when Im home. All that matters is that you chose certain words and use them continually.
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