How to flush your own transmission

How to flush your own transmission. How to flush your automatic transmission and save hundreds of dollars. No special tools or equipment needed.

First, find out how much transmission fluid your vehicle needs by reading the owner's manual. If no leaks are present, shut the engine off and mexican pussy tgp lower the vehicle.
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If you have an older vehicle that you care for on your own then you know that saving some money and doing the work right will make your car last longer and.

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The fluid in an automatic transmission not only lubricates the transmission but is and maintenance schedule to keep your transmission operating smoothly.

Why Buy Factory Direct? Tool Reviews.
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Extend the life of your engine by changing transmission fluid. Learn how to A transmission flush-and-fill from a shop will cost you $ to $ But you can do .

This is not only necessary for changing the filter, but also allows deposits and sediment to be washed out of the pan. Things you should know about a transmission flush: Then, lay down a tarp, some cardboard or a newspaper under at least a two-gallon catch pan. All boys girls nude swimsuits automatics except for the continuously variable transmissions—CVTs—found on a few late-model cars have locking torque converters to eliminate slip at cruising speeds, thus saving fuel.
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