Midget tossing contest

Midget tossing contest. Dwarf-tossing, also called midget-tossing, is a pub/bar attraction in which people with dwarfism, The bill was hastily advanced in response to a dwarf-tossing contest that was held at Leopard's Lounge in Windsor, Ontario, with a dwarf.

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Bill passes the Washington State legislature. "No holder of a retail license to sell liquor may allow or permit any contest or promotion or.

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Padden said he became aware of the issue when a constituent with dwarfism contacted him about a dwarf-tossing contest last October at a strip.

The pastime was popular in some Florida bars in the late s. Like Loading
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You may have thought the scene in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' was too bizarre and cruel but I'm afraid midget (little people) throwing contests are very much real.

Contestants compete to throw the dwarf the farthest.
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