Redhead facts and myths

Redhead facts and myths. And sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish fact from myth, so this page is for you, fellow redheads. Here's a round-up of ginger myths and facts – the good, the .

It is as hate is to love. Wait, warmth brings sun.
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Redheads are witches. From the s through the s, red-haired women deemed to be witches were murdered by the thousands.

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13 amazing facts about redheads that everyone needs to know to hot and cold pain. Nothing to do with their mythical fiery temperament!.

Even shy redheads have a burning spark of adventure inside them. We have no soul, or we have hundreds of them? Redheads have fiery tempers.
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Are you thinking of dating a redhead? Read on to see 26 fascinating and scandalous redhead facts and myths about those gorgeous gingers.

Truths among those redhead myths Redheads men butt porn more adrenaline than non-redheads, according to new book Tue, Sep 22, This may sound like bad news, but this lower melanin-concentration means that gingers can cleverly produce their own Vitamin D within their body when exposed to low light conditions. This ginger gene is a slight mutation of the MC1R gene on chromosome
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