Separate pricing based on sex

Separate pricing based on sex. Oct 18, Economists call this price discrimination: selling the same thing to two different people at different prices, because one of them is willing to pay.

Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads. Learning Objectives Analyze the use of price discrimination in commerce. Unlike in the markets for retail or personal care products, however, these dirty braces slut price differences can be rationally explained.
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Gender-based price discrimination is a form of economic discrimination that occurs when one gender is charged a different price than another gender for identical goods or services. . the 14th Amendment generally does not apply, and sex was not included as a protected class under federal public accommodation law.

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In commerce there are three types of price discrimination that exist. University of Pennsylvania Law Review.
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Aug 9, discrimination based on sex in credit and housing transactions, no federal law prohibits businesses from charging consumers different prices.

Industries that commonly use price discrimination include the travel industry, pharmaceutical industry, and textbook publishers.