Shawn proposes to juliet

Shawn proposes to juliet. Psych Series Finale Recap: Shawn's Big Move, Dobson's Reveal and More Key Shawn's proposal to Juliet was a total tearjerker, even if she.

Shawn calls for a rain check.
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In "Rob-a-Bye Baby," Shawn fake-proposes to Juliet, asking her to go undercover with him as a married couple. When Juliet agrees, Shawn announces to.

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USA's long-running comedy led by James Roday and Dule Hill went on one last case and finally paid off an eight-season joke with a special.

She seems to be slowly beginning to trust him again.
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#Psych Shawn And Juliet, Shawn And Gus, Shawn Spencer, Psych Episode List. Visit Maybe I'm horrible, but that proposal was making me nervous. I didn.

Juliet appears extremely irritated as she denies it and proceeds to storm off. In " Shawn 2. She asks softly, "Shawn, what are you doing? When Juliet shows up unexpectedly. She cannot stay, however, because she has to follow a lead.