Sims 3 secret admirer text

Sims 3 secret admirer text. Secret Admirer Texts are not always a good thing. rednenemon Posts: 3, Member. May in The Sims 3 General Discussion. To make it even.

Appears after fullfilling sim's lifetime wish. Who sent that mysterious text? Please enter a valid serial code big gapping pussy re-submit. I've actually had them have a positive moodlet over it, but more times than not they get the "creeped out" one.
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I was watching Lazy Game Reviews of the Sims 3 Expansions and Stuff Packs Well, all this time, I thought sending a secret admirer text to my.

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Maybe your Sim is feeling bold and flirty, then sending a secret admirer text might just catch that special someone's attention. Alternately.

The Sim will also default to "Mean" and "Fight! Redeem a Code. Sims do not like having to dismount their steed by surprise, but sometimes their horse knows best.
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Who sent that mysterious text? (Sim Name) is delighted to know that someone is secretly admiring him/her! Appears from receiving a secret admirer text.

Buzz Honeydew discusses his career collecting and refining Nectar. Man, those extra few pounds really sneak up on you.
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