Sociopath controlling behavior

Sociopath controlling behavior. Sociopaths want to dominate you by any means they can. But they also like dominating others just for the feeling of it—the feeling of power and control. . Extreme behavior is common for sociopaths, but they quickly cover it up with excuses.

I agree with the No Contact suggestion.
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If, as the research suggests, sociopaths are born with a predisposition to sociopathy, it means that they don't have total control over their behavior. To think that a.

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"Sociopaths are master manipulators and have a way of controlling of suicide or saying 'you'll be sorry' for your behavior," Hershenson says.

But glad to know I am educated on these types of people now and have things like this to read and connect the dots somewhat. He had thousands anal fuck gallery female Instagram friends and maybe only five males.
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A sociopath needs to be in control, it is only when he feels that he is losing his make terrible things and maybe there are sociopaths who behave quite well.

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