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Spanking hermione. This one goes out to the very very amazing who was incredibly patient and cooperating after my 6 months of hiatus. Again, I apologize for not.

Viktor thought she was sexy without all the tricks and games.
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By point hermione was sobbing so erratically that she couldn't speak. Deciding that it was enough spanking, Dumbledore grabbed the back of.

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Chapter One: Hermione Teaches Ginny to do her Homework. Hermione walked into the common and found Ginny on the couch, sleeping.

She wanted to give Ginny exactly what she deserved.
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Harry and Hermione: A Correction. By: Learningfast. Harry is annoyed at Hermione and more unfolds. Contains Spanking. Rated: Fiction M.

This man will take the heavy responsibility of administering discipline to you, our students, whenever our professors or our staff deem a punishment is in hentai blow job pics. Again and again Hermione hit Ginny's bum using the palm of her hand. Books Harry Potter. She rather liked challenging Viktor just as he enjoyed challenging her. This is not a story of all the random kinks I enjoy, and the ones that are included serve a purpose to the characters and the story.
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