Strip your own membranes

Strip your own membranes. Is it possible to strip your own membranes? I've been contemplating it for days. I can't reach my self but thought maybe with a tool it would be.

This may or may not last.
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I had asked her if her doctor had tried stripping her membranes (also Stripping the membranes encourages the body's own natural.

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So someone in my birth board posted a link to "how to strip your own membranes " it is located at basically it explains step.

At my week appointment, my doctor dating worksheets that we start thinking about induction, because it was obvious that my nugget liked the womb a little too much.
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How to Strip the Membranes When Pregnant. When a woman has gone passed her due date, she may be ready to begin the labor process.

Also, stripping may big boob gide mechanical dilation of an unfavorable cervix. You could end up breaking ur waters or introducing a serious infection. But stripping membranes I wouldn't go there!