When does sex start to fel good

When does sex start to fel good. I've recently lost my virginity, and Ive had sex about 8 times and it still hurts. Not as excruciating as the first two times, but how long til it starts feeling better? partner if anything hurts — sex that's uncomfortable for you should.

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Some tips and strategies for helping to make sex feel good. to others where to go and where to avoid so that you start maximizing your pleasure. Talk about what feels good for you and encourage your partner(s) to do the same. And keep .

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She was determined to try and make it feel good so we had sex several times Make sure she's wet and relaxed before you start having sex.

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Does Sex Feel Good for Women When a young woman first starts having intercourse, it's not always what she expects. Why does sex not feel good?.

Understanding My Water Bill.