Why do men like feisty women

Why do men like feisty women. That is why when most men tell me they like women I interpret it as they like to be on top. Men clearly do not like women or they would not.

But she must be inviting and be able to mesh into an actual relationship.
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Many women think they need to actively do something to show a man why he attitudes that draw men's attention and make them want more.

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Men love women who are fun and feisty and who know their own mind! But they don't want a woman who tells them what to do. As a man.

Making all the decisions is exhausting. Vice versa too. Never miss a story from P. It's the symbolic freedom monster cock cream pie men have yearned for, the freedom that the average relationship doesn't always allow due to the constraints of society and responsibility.
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Sometimes even science can't convince me: men find caring women (nice girls) more attractive and sexually alluring than their aloof (bad girl).

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