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Wizard of oz sex stories. The story of the classic story of "The Wizard of Oz" adapted for more adult and decided that she was going to pay for cutting her sex short.

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Some stories from the set of The Wizard Of Oz are insanely dark. For such a The Munchkins Were Pimps, Sex Workers, And Gamblers. The Munchkins Were .

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Located: S through Z > Wizard of Oz, The. This is the a fanfiction that is based around the story of the movie: The Wizard of Oz. I adapted it for some really hardcore shit as well as more In a sex based ritual to claim the power of the slippers.

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2 days ago Of all the Judy Garland movies, The Wizard of Oz made her famous for her journey to the Land Judy Garland & the Munchkins: Sex, Scandals, and Secrets of the Stars of "The Wizard of Oz" Here are some of their stories.

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